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  SnapMonkey is proud to be a member of the

Easy Meal Prep Association

and a partner of What's Cooking Software

What's Cooking Software

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Do you need a website for your meal prep / meal assembly business?  

You've come to the right place.  SnapMonkey and What's Cooking Software have partnered to bring your meal assembly business a TOTAL website solution!

How it Works

SnapMonkey will provide you with the 'marketing' front end of your website.  This is where people will go to find out about your business.   You want to attract clients who are looking to make 12 meals in 2 hours, at your place of business.    SnapMonkey is the perfect tool to make that happen.


What's Cooking Software would be your service provider for the 'backend operations' part of your business.  Your clients would seamlessly come to your website and learn about your business.  When they click the button to 'schedule a session', they would then go right into the What's Cooking Software, which is integrated with your SnapMonkey website.  They can select their menu items, schedule a session, get cooking instructions, etc.  You will also have a system that easily manages your meal prep business, such as tracking your clients, creating shopping lists for you, recipe management, etc.

You can contact What's Cooking Software to set up your backend at 970-402-6524 


What is SnapMonkey?

SnapMonkey is a place where you can easily create and manage your own website online. If you know how to create a Word document, you have the skills to create your own website.  You can start by trying the 10 day free trial.  If you would like to activate the trial, it would be $49 to activate it, and $29.95/month.  We also have design services available if you would like us to handle designing your site for you.


SnapMonkey is a wonderful program for business owners, in that you don't have to call a webmaster to make edits whenever you want to change something.  You can simply log into your website, and make changes to your website whenever you want to.   SnapMonkey is packed full of features that will help you promote your business online.


Design Services
Most of our meal prep / meal assembly clients choose to have us design their website for them.  For a low $775 design fee, we will create a custom website for you, with you desired look and feel.  We typically have a site completed
in about 10 - 15 days from the time we receive all your information.  From there, you can still edit your text, add new pages, and make updates whenever you want to.  Your look and feel will carry on through to each new page that you add to your website.

Bonus:  SnapMonkey will optimize your website for you with this package, and manually submit

your website to important online directories.  This will help your business get found online.




or call us at 303-338-1552


After your order, we will contact you to request the following:

1)   Your logo and the colors you would like to have on your site
2)   The content that you would like to have on your site (We recommend that you write content for the Home page, an About Us page, FAQ page, How it Works page, and a Contact Us / Directions page)
3)   A short list of sites that you like or design instructions, so that we can have idea of what your style is.


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